Saturday, February 26, 2011

Resolving Difficult Marriage Problems

Not all marriage problems can be solved, but many can. As recently as a few generations ago, divorce was not considered a viable option for most people. Even today, there are religious groups who consider divorce unacceptable except in the event of certain extenuating circumstances - such as abuse or adultery. That point of view is not for everyone, but it is undeniable that marriage problems are put into a different perspective when there is no real choice but to solve them.

That having been said, it probably wasn't a good thing for individuals to feel that they were 'stuck' in a marriage - that they had no choice regarding whether to continue with the union. We are fortunate that we live in a time when people have choices regarding the direction of their lives. Regarding marriage problems, though, it is clearly better to solve them if this can be done, particularly if there are children in the picture. Marriage problems vary in type and severity, but there's one thing that many if not most have in common; most marriage problems, and their resolutions, depend on communication. Communication is the key to all effective relationships.

Communication styles vary, but presumably married couples are drawn together in the first place because there is a basic similarity or compatability between their communication styles. It takes time to maintain communication. Many marriage counselors recommend that couples have a weekly 'date' with one another, a time when there is a break from the regular routine and the couple do something relaxed and enjoyable together. After there are children, the weekly date becomes more difficult, but its more important than ever. Many couples become too busy to spend time with each other alone once there are children. Think about it, though - isn't it worth your while to take the time to ensure that your child's parents have a good marriage, and are able to provide a stable home? Parents that are happy together tend to have happier children, too.

Marriage problems, large or small, can be one of the great challenges in life. When dealt with head on, however, they need not get out of hand - in fact, dealing with these challenges as they arise can be very rewarding. It can even strengthen your marriage in the long run, and that means that your overall quality of life can benefit greatly as well.

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